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Month: December 2010

Naturalist Training Program – some random thoughts

I have always had a fascination for nature and the immense variety it offers. Usually the enjoyment that I derive is superficial – a state of ‘ignorant bliss’. It isn’t all that bad, I should say. But the desire to understand more has always been there. May be that would give me a better appreciation of the ways of nature. It was that search which led me to the Naturalist Training Program (NTP) run by Jungle Lodges. I was quick on the trigger to respond to the invite. Later on, I found out that it was good that I did so, for most participants had tried multiple times before getting a slot which goes on a ‘first come first served’ basis !

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1001 pantings you must see before you die

An amazing collection

I am no connoisseur of paintings, yet it gives me great pleasure in wandering through art galleries. So it was natural that I found the title “1001 paintings you must see before you die” attractive.

What jumps at you from the front cover is the gory severed head of Medusa with her mouth wide open in a “silent, but dramatic scream and her shocked eyes”. But as they say, judge not a book by its cover. What follows inside is a real treat. (The Head of Medusa, Caravaggio 1598)

It is a brilliant collection of extra-ordinary paintings from all around the world. They are spread across various museums, galleries, walls, ceilings and private collections. An opportunity to see them all together is one which should not be missed.

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