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stay@matthuga – a lovely homestay

stay@matthuga – a lovely homestay

I was looking for a decent accommodation near Jog falls for a family trip. There were not many options available. The choice finally was stay@matthuga – a homestay near Jog falls. There were mixed reviews on the net, but it looked suitable for our needs.

We landed at matthuga late in the evening after spending time at Jog falls. We were greeted by some sunbirds and bulbuls. The small garden in front of the building looked beautiful in the evening sun. It was very quiet, but for the bird activity. The first impression was good.

The main building has two floors and is like a big family house. There are some cottages built in a few hundred metres away. A few are under construction as well. A room on the first floor of the main building was our place of stay for the next two nights. It was a clean room with attached bathroom. The facilities were minimal, but functional and sufficient if one is not looking for luxury.

Matthuga is neither a resort nor a hotel and does not have the services of either. It is a homestay and a good one. You would not find uniformed housekeeping team, chefs, front desk and security. The services – whole range of them – are delivered by a friendly couple and a few assistants of theirs. I was reminded of the movie Carry On Abroad in which Peter Butterworth tries to run a hotel in different guises. The caretaker couple helped us carry our bags, cooked & served food and were charting out a tour itinerary for a team from Mumbai ! They are not ‘hospitality-trained’, but are friendly, helpful and fairly efficient.

The food was homely stuff with a heavy stress on local fare. Well prepared and served as a buffet spread out on the kitchen slab – cooking happens in a kitchen outside the building. The room and other facilities were clean and well maintained. Not much recreational avenues are available other than a carrom board.

Matthuga and nearby areas have a very health population and variety of birds which would be attractive for active birders.

The place was full during our stay. One issue which I saw happening on both mornings that we were there was someone or the other struggling to take their vehicle out because of parking issues – there were a few vans and SUVs around and parking space around the main building is not too large.

Snapshot Review

Access : Easy, close to NH

Rooms : clean, moderately furnished, new construction, modern style

Bathrooms : clean, functional

Surroundings : quiet, farms, village, birds

Food : Buffet, local dishes, made by caretaker couple, no à la carte

Service : friendly, no hotel management graduates !

Parking : space looked sufficient, erratic parking could cause issues

Information : Caretaker may not be able to help too much. He can make a nice map of all places of interest nearby with distances and suggested itinerary.

Should you stay @ matthuga ?

We had a pleasant experience of our stay @ matthuga. Some other guests, I think, had other views – mainly due to wrong expectations. The following list should help you make a choice :

Matthuga is the place for you if you :

  • are looking for a quiet, peaceful place close to nature
  • want to find a decent place of stay in the Jog area
  • looking for a base to move around Jog/ Sagar/Gokarna area
  • are travelling to explore nature / temples (of Sagar /Uttar Karnataka)
  • do some birding without moving around much

Matthuga is NOT the place for you if you :

  • need well furnished rooms with all modern amenities
  • are looking for a resort with facilities like swimming pool and tennis court
  • hotel-like customer service
  • wide variety of food with a menu to choose from
  • find it boring to walk around a farm

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