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Singanallur nature walk

Singanallur nature walk

Urban bio-diversity is typically underestimated everywhere. We fail to notice it most of the time, mainly due to the fact that we are pre-occupied. Or we simply do not have the time to look around.

Singanallur is a typical polluted urban lake in the South Indian city of Coimbatore. It has a boathouse which looks abandoned – may be there were no takers for boating in a not so great environment. I checked with a Coimbatore birding enthusiast Gokul Ram about birding spots in the city and he directed me to Singanallur – a lake on Trichy road. I had to meet with a few puzzled glances when leaving early in the morning as Singanallur does not have the reputation of an interesting spot.


This lake with a water spread of 1.2 sq km has a nearly 3 km bund running around it. The walkway around the lake is narrow and is not paved. Two wheelers can ply on it, but not four wheelers. A couple of villages around the lake are connected by this pathway. A railway track runs across the lake.


Wikipedia mentions that there are about 100 bird species observed around the lake. I could catch one-fourth of that in my ‘three hour’ nature walk. The place also looked high in butterfly density. There was concentration of butterflies in a small area close to the railway track.

I ran into a local photography enthusiast, Mohan, who mentioned to me that the lake is one of the spots on the map of local photographers.


Here is the list of species seen during my outing (11 Nov,2012 / 0630 – 0930)


  1. Owlet, spotted
  2. Prinia, ashy
  3. Prinia, plain
  4. Warbler, greenish
  5. Subird, purple
  6. Subird, purple-rumped
  7. Heron, Indian pond
  8. Heron, purple
  9. Coot, common
  10. Parakeet, rose-ringed (in flight)
  11. Duck, spot-billed
  12. Flameback, black-rumped
  13. Kite, black
  14. Coucal, greater
  15. Myna, common
  16. Koel, Asian
  17. Egret, little
  18. Cormorent, little
  19. Lapwing, red-wattled
  20. Peafowl, Indian (call heard)
  21. Waterhen, white-breasted
  22. Sandpiper, common
  23. Kingfisher, white-throated
  24. Kingfisher, small blue
  25. Swallow, red-rumped
  26. Bee-eater, green
  27. Dove, spotted


  1. Joker
  2. Skipper, African marbled
  3. Tiger, plain
  4. Tiger, blue
  5. Pansy, yellow
  6. Pansy, chocolate
  7. Pansy, peacock
  8. Lime, common
  9. Eggfly, Danaid
  10. Rose, crimson
  11. Crimson-tip, white
  12. Yellow, grass
  13. Gull,common
  14. Crow, common
  15. Unidentified (two species)


  1. Spider, signature (insect)
  2. Bee, carpenter (insect)
  3. Mongoose (mammal)

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