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Thumboormuzhi Gardens

Thumboormuzhi Gardens


Thumboormuzhi is a check-dam built across Chalakkudy River for irrigation purpose. This is midway between Chalakkudy and the famous Athirappilly waterfalls. Thumboormuzhi areas provides an ideal habitat for butterflies. Thumboormuzhi Butterfly garden by the side of Chalakkudy river is worth a visit irrespective of whether you are a butterfly watcher or just someone who loves nature.


Garden is spread over multiple levels on a sloping landscape sandwiched between Athirappilly road and Chalakkudy river. Different host plants have been planted to attract various species of butterflies. The park also has some recreational facilities for children.

Brief Details :


Location : 16km From Chalakkudy on Athirappilly road. Garden is on the right side of the road, almost midway between Chalkkudy and Athirappilly


Timings : 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs – I was told by the counter staff that there are no holidays

Tickets : Entry Rs 10 (Adult) Rs 5 (Child) / Camera : Rs 25 / Car Parking : Rs 10


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