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1001 pantings you must see before you die

An amazing collection

I am no connoisseur of paintings, yet it gives me great pleasure in wandering through art galleries. So it was natural that I found the title “1001 paintings you must see before you die” attractive.

What jumps at you from the front cover is the gory severed head of Medusa with her mouth wide open in a “silent, but dramatic scream and her shocked eyes”. But as they say, judge not a book by its cover. What follows inside is a real treat. (The Head of Medusa, Caravaggio 1598)

It is a brilliant collection of extra-ordinary paintings from all around the world. They are spread across various museums, galleries, walls, ceilings and private collections. An opportunity to see them all together is one which should not be missed.

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Anderson and Corbett

Nine man-eaters and one rogue is the first person account of the captivating adventures of the famed hunter Kenneth Anderson. The stories are set in the 30’s and 40’s when Anderson was active chasing and eliminating man eating tigers and leopards in the erstwhile State of Mysore and Presidency of Madras. This book has not caught the attention of the world as much as Man Eaters of Kumaon written by Anderson’s more well-known counterpart Jim Corbett, whose hunting ground was the Kumaon region on the Himalayan slopes.

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